Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monsters and Dames


In the words of Brandon Graham:
"A pin up I did along with Adam Warren and SImon Roy, (with Robert Porter coloring Adam’s part of the drawing) I colored the lady I drew and Simon’s background and then Simon did up the sky. He also drew that Anubus as a nod to some Snowcrash. suuch a cyberpunk! oh and note the Ono Sendai Adam drew (Neromancer!) 
This will be in the Emerald city con pin up book. "

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Game me, Alberta!

Science Seekers I just recently got linked to some educational games I illustrated for Science Alberta wayyyyy back in the spring - check 'em out!
Machine Learning
Waste Management
Pipeline Science

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shaolin Cowboy and the Hellephant's Curse


I had the extreme honor of drawing a pinup for Geof Darrow's latest issue of "Shaolin Cowboy" - and here's the result! The latest Shaolin Cowboy hits stands today, so go take a look!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Away team

A concept sketch for a story idea (one of many) that I've been chewing on lately - an idea that probably violates the prime directive...


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Story GERMS!

The next installment of me and Daniel Bensen's story conversations - now getting into some of our e-mail correspondence earlier in the year.
Click Here for the next post in the series!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Podcast - Image to Story with Daniel Bensen


The first part of a conversation between Daniel Bensen and myself concerning a story I've been talking with Daniel about for at least half a year - listen here! www.thekingdomsofevil.com/?p=2…

There will be more as the week goes on, as well as (i think) an outline of mine for the story AND Daniel's insightful picking apart of said outline!

ALSO you can check out the starting seed of the aforementioned project here: robot-blood.blogspot.ca/2012/0…

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Side Note - Homo Floresiensis Illustration Published in the Netherlands!

Illustration in Dutch Newspaper Something cool - one of the researchers working on the tiny hominid Homo Floresiensis (of Flores, Indonesia) got in touch with me about using my painting of the little fella months ago. Lo and behold, last month, that same researcher referred a Dutch science reporter to me, and I got my illustration into a Dutch newspaper (specifically, the Dutch daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad)! Thanks to Hester and Hanneke!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Prophet Issue out today - and Art Show Next Week!

First off, we've got another issue of prophet - issue #38, in fact, made by the usual crew but with some flatting help from my talented homette Jessica Pollard - out on the shelves today! The plot thickens! Giant parrot-apes crawl around a city made on a dead giant! Long-John Prophet bounces off a giant death-jellyfish! Old Man John Prophet has a tea party with a geometric shape!


But MUCH more excitingly, I've got an art show coming up next week on Main Street in Vancouver at the Hot Art Wet City gallery! Alongside three of the greatest local talents (Tony Cliff, Rebecca Dart, and of course Brandon Graham), we're putting up a show all about the dirty little secrets of commercial art - the process! From

Here's the info:
Process Colour
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday August 16 from 7-11pm
August 14-30, 2013
With book release, talk, signing & party for Tony Cliff’s “Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant” on Friday August 30 from 7pm

HOT ART WET CITY Gallery & Shop
2206 Main Street (@ 6th Ave)
Vancouver BC Canada V5T 3C7

 Come on down and hang out!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Podcast and Vacation!

I'm currently on vacation at the moment (Pictured above - Tayte McRae and myself constructing a sweat lodge outside Pincher Creek, Alberta), but my friend Daniel Bensen has put up another podcast! "Starring" Daniel, Memo Kosemen, and myself, it's an awesome and imaginative romp through a post "war of the worlds" universe, talking about all the juicy sci-fi parallels with the colonial and post-colonial experience that said setting could provide.

Have a listen here!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sabertooth Swordsman

Sabretooth swordsman #5 Cover I had the supreme honor to do a cover for the best comic I've read all year - SABERTOOTH SWORDSMAN (by Damon Gentry and Aaron Conley)! It's coming out digitally weekly over at dark horse, and there will be a hardcover out this fall! Check it out!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Prophet 36 Out Wednesday!

Prophet 36 Out Wednesday! Go grab a copy! We all put a lot of love into this issue and i think it shows!

Monday, June 17, 2013

"Expectations and Scifi " part 2


The second part of Me and Daniel's conversation on story stuff! All the stuff we talk about in this episode is in the links lower down on the page, too!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

A "podcast"?

The zon-tars attack

Here's a the first part of a short chat between Daniel Bensen (an amazing writer and long-distance friend of mine) talking a bit about managing reader expectation in genre fiction (sci fi in particular). Forgive me in advance for being too frank or pretentious!


(Also, take a look through Daniel's archives - he's got an excellent few podcasts where Memo Koseman {aka Nemo Ramjet, my dino-painting collaborator} and him talk about the future of war. Nice stuff!)

Friday, May 24, 2013



This weekend, I'll be at VANCAF in vancouver with some of my favourite comics and illustration people! From the Propheteers (myself, Farel Dalrymple, Brandon Graham) to a gang of my fellow mega-talented Victorians (Tara Williamson, Renee Nault, Laura Bifano) the lineup of guests at this thing is MIND-BOGGLINGLY GOOD! I'm so excited to be there!
Not to mention some awesome panels (including one I'll be abandoning my table to attend - Steve Lecouillard, Rebecca Dart, and Tony Cliff talking about women warriors in comics!)

And NEXT weekend, me and Farel will be bro-ing it up together at the Denver Comicon! If you're in the Pacific Northwest or in Colorado in the next two weeks, come one down!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I'm Teaching A Comics Course in July

I'm teaching a comics course in July
Here in Victoria if you're interested! Its the sort of thing where you can stay in dorms for the week, too (which I'm planning to do) on location in Metchosin, which is just outside of Victoria.

So come on over!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Eisner Noms and Mid-year Cons

 FIRST: Prophet is nominated for an Eisner Award for best continuing series! WOOHOO!

Second: Conventions!

This weekend, I'll be at Fanexpo Vancouver along with the likes of Steve Rolston, MArley Zarcone, James Stokoe, and Ken Steacy - the creme de la creme of comics!
May 25-26th I'll be at VanCaf, another amazing vancouver convention...
Then, at the end of may, I'll be in Denver (with Farel Dalrymple!) for the Denver Comicon from May 31st to June 2nd.

Looks like it'll be a busy month! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 21, 2013


 At the end of last year, the esteemed James Stokoe inquired as to whether or not I could do a cover for his "GODZILLA: THE HALF CENTURY WAR" series over at IDW.

Obviously I couldnt resist.

The following is the process for the piece from conception to completion. FIRST: Concept sketches!

Next - preliminary drawing!

THEN - following some guidance from Toho, the godzilla license holders, revised pencils!


Lighting test...

And finally, with the UNSTOPPABLE Joseph Bergin the Third (also of prophet) bringing his A++ game, the final colors!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Get thee to a comics shop tomorrow for PART 2 of "Beneath the Ice", Jason Wordie and me playing on some ice-age psychedelic BADASSERY!
Dark Horse Presents 22 Out Tomorrow
More soon!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

I don't usually draw commissions, but when I do...

It's easiest at a convention (so I don't have to break up my ordinary workflow). Here's a couple of ECCC (and one for an original art buyer) commissions.

Ellen Page in space for Alison Sampson!
mignola wolvie for george
Mike Mignola-style wolverine in the savage land
Supes and Bats
Supes and Bats at 3AM

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Coming Down

Pictured here is what the emerald city comicon did for me - blew my g-d pants RIGHT APART.

Okay, well, THAT was from some power-squats at the booth, but generally speaking, Emerald City Comic Convention was amazing. Not only did I get to meet lots of the people who've been enjoying and supporting prophet, but I had the chance to FINALLY hang out with some of the prophet crew that I've been working with online. And they're pretty awesome dudes. 
Plus, we got a lot of good response to the copies of 'pilgrim' that we gave out - seattle is saturated with the thing!

Now, coming down off of the convention high and finding myself (ripped pants and all) back in the real world, the whole experience has left me re-invigorated and best of all, excited about the work I have to do. You can see a bit of the experience here at Andrew's "Art for Fun and PRophet" blog...

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CBR Interview and Adventures South of the Border!


Check it out - a pretty solid interview avec moi is up on Comic Book Resources!

ALSO as I've said before I'll be at table A-04 at Emerald City Comicon (in seattle) THIS WEEKEND! Come on down and say hi to the whole g-d prophet team! 
(It'll be dope. Trust me.)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Prophet #34 Out Wednesday

This wednesday, I've got another issue of prophet out (written by/with Brandon Graham, colored by Joseph Bergin III and lettered by Ed Brisson). Pictured here: A newly awakened Siege-breaker clone gets picked up by an Earth Empire Womb Shuttle. 

You can read a preview here: [link]

And there's a page from the AWESOME back-up story within up here: [link]

ALSO: I forgot to hype it last week, but in the latest issue of Dark Horse Presents, the first section of the story Jason Wordie ([link]) and I wrote is present and waiting to be read! Pick up a copy and peruse!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seattle and Ann Arbor!

First off, if you're in or around Ann Arbor, Michigan, anytime soon, I'll have some pieces up in the "First Contact" Art show at the Gallery Project. Here's the blurb from them:

(Image: Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick, Elysium Planitia)

"Gallery Project presents First Contact, a multimedia exhibit in which 33 regional, national, and international artists explore our desire to encounter extraterrestrialsour preparedness for such an event, the event itself, and its possible consequences.

Technological development has brought us to the precipice of first contact, but has humanity kept pace? Is our search for extraterrestrial life simply a search for answers to our own existence? What makes us believe that we are prepared for a relationship with other worlds when we have difficulties on our own planet? Is it our innate curiosity or primal fear that motivates us? 'Artists," wrote Ezra Pound, "are the antennae of the race." Media analyst Marshall McLuhan expanded on that idea when he wrote, "Art as radar acts as an 'early alarm system,' as it were, enabling us to discover social and psychic targets in lots of time to prepare to cope with them." If art is an 'early warning system,' then what does art about First Contact foretell?
Contributors include Seder Burns, Thomas Carey, Ross Carlisle, John Causland, Debra Davis, Lynda Davis, Rocco DePietro, Zeek Earl, H.R. Giger, Brad Gieske, Clifton Harvey, Mayumi Haryoto, Dan Hernandez, Nicholas Kahn, Tanya Kavakoza, Charles Lindsay, Kevin Margo, Ian Moersen, Gloria Pritschet, Simon Roy, Michael Rea, Kris Rudolph, Richard Selesnick, Sara Schleicher, Douglas Scobel, Brian Spolans, Derek Stenning, Po-Wei Su, Mike Tarr, Jacob Tebbe, Brana Vojnovic, Lynn Whitney, and Barry Whittaker.

The exhibit is curated by Seder Burns, Lecturer of New Media, University of Toledo, and Gallery Project collaborator. "

It looks like it'll be an amazing show, and I'm sad that I won't be able to attend in person. More information can be found at the gallery's site here.

But secondly, where I WILL be in person is the Emerald City Comic Convention! WOO! Brandon Graham, Farel Dalrymple, Joseph Bergin III and myself will all be squatting at the same table (Table A-04), so if you're in Seattle in two weeks time, come on down and say hi!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Full February

Febraury is an exciting time for me - two different books on the shelf in the same month!
prophet 34

First, Prophet 34, written by me and Brandon Graham, drawn by myself, colored by the stellar Joseph Bergin III, and lettered by Ed Brisson, is out this month.
Second, the first part of a three-part story by Jason Wordie and myself will be coming out in Dark Horse Presents. The story is called "Under The Ice", and is about an ice-age shaman's journey under a vast glacier - and the spirit world beneath it - to save the soul of his father.
Both are out on the 20th - so go pick 'em up!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Prophet #32 Out Today!

After much hype (from myself), my solo prophet issue is on the stands today! It also features an AMAZING backup story by the stellar artist Daniel Irizarri! Go grab a copy!