Friday, December 21, 2012

A super-brief TV interview

On the local island news!  Starting at about 1:40...

More stuff soon! Not only do I have a Prophet Issue coming out on Jan 2nd (to help with your post-christmas blues), but starting in January, I've got a short "Tiger Lung" story running in Dark Horse Presents! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Signing today!

If you're in Victoria today, come by Legends between 12 and 2 where Ed Brisson and Myself will be present with books! COME ON DOWN!!!
I'll even have a few early-bird copies of Prophet #32 with me!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prophet #32 Concept Drawings

Right after the new year, on Jan 2nd, my first solo work to be published since 2009 will be on the shelves - in the form of Prophet #32. The synopsis for the issue:

"John Ka, Earth Empire scout, has found little trace of mankind since her pod surfaced. However, when she finds a band of feral humans - and a Prophet clone who has gone native to protect them - she finds herself questioning what it means to be human."

Since the whole idea of Prophet - that of clones, bred from the same basic stock, but modified for specific missions - allows for a certain amount of flexibility in character design, I jumped right in. Here are my first tentative drawings of John Ka and the Feral Prophet.


The feral prophet.


John Ka, Earth Empire Scout, and various ideas for his/her "Brainfly". The first idea was that John Ka would have some sort of "Base" organism which would act as a relay between the flying "Brainflies" and John Ka's brain.

My close-to-final design for John Ka (with some cover sketches)

The instigator of the issue's plot: The Oonaka Meat Baron. In the first issue of Prophet, Prophet stumbles across an Oonaka Meat Farm, where the Oonaka have been breeding sub-sentient humans for meat. One of the concepts of this issue - What would the arrival of sentient humans (aka Prophet and friends) mean to alien businessmen who make their living off the flesh of the humans' sub-sentient relatives?
And some quick sketches for the mercenaries the Oonaka hire to hunt Prophets.

And last but not least, here's a chunk of the layouts from the issue - where most of the writing gets done!

ALSO: My co-conspirator and pen-pal Memo Koseman (AKA Nemo Ramjet) just released an amazing new book called "All Yesterdays" - go take a look!
It's been getting rave reviews since it's release a week or two ago, and it's already in the top 100 for UK Kindle sales!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Prophet 32 Preview

This issue won't be out until Dec. 19th, but here's a little taste of my solo Prophet issue - the first five pages (sans human text)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Pacific Comics Arts Festival

This weekend, if you're in Victoria and inclined towards listening to Brandon Graham, Marian Churchland, myself, and the awesome dudes from Legends Comics (Gareth Gaudin and Lloyd Chesley) chat about why we love comics, come on down to the Pacific Comics Arts Festival!
Here's the awesome poster Gareth did!
 From the website:

Festival Within A Festival: Pacific Comics Art Festival               Sponsored by Legends Comics

The Comics Art Panel: Saturday, October 13, 11 a.m., Gibson Auditorium
With Brandon Graham, Marian Churchland, and Simon Roy. Local industry stars discuss why we all love comics, and what makes the synergy of words and images a unique form of storytelling both for the reader and the creator. $10

Meet the Creators: Saturday, October 13, 1 p.m. Room 310, Young Building
Talk shop with Pacific Comics Art Festival's Brandon Graham, Marian Churchland, Simon Roy, members of Cloudscape Comics Society, and Ken Steacy and Joan Steacy. $3 at the Door

More info can be found here:

Victoria Writer's Festival

See you there!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Original Art For Sale

AT LONG LAST! If you want some prophet pages, much of #23's pages are now for sale over at Robin McConnell's art sale site!

Check it out:

Friday, September 7, 2012


If you're in Canada, go over to the Continuum website to check out a couple of comics I drew over the summer! It's some army-dude battle action, written as the backstory for a TV show involving time travel and civil war in Vancouver. It was a total blast to work on with my unrivalled compatriots Richard Ballermann (colors) and Ed Brisson (editing and lettering) knocking it out of the park yet again.

So check it out.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Really, another "Starwatcher"?

Fallen Starwatcher
Another tribute to the famous "Starwatcher" by moebius, done with a character from a secret project I'm working on... a colored version to come later! (drawn for Brandon's pal Shannon)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oonaka Meat Baron

Oonaka Meat Baron
A character from a Prophet story I'm working on - a vice-ambassador of the Flesher's Union (or just one of the 'Meat Barons' in common parlance)
More soon(ish)!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Comix and Stories!

Later this month, I'll be heading over to Vancouver for the ever-excellent Comix and Stories, the one convention I've been (fairly) regularly attending for the past four or five years. Swing on by if you're in the area!

Also, if you're on the West Coast of Canada, you might see an illustration I recently did for Wildplay Element Parks, a cool company that runs a bunch of big crazy adventure parks full of zip-lines and tree-borne obstacle courses. Wild stuff indeed! Check out their site here: ART-WildPlayWorld-FINALOL-WEB-JUN2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Prophet #32

Prophet 32
It's months away, but the cover you see here is for a Prophet issue I'm taking on myself - full writing, drawing and coloring duties. Pictured here - an Earth-Empire scout watches the Fifth Army of the Crystal King decamp somewhere on the Deccan Plateau.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Designing Prophet

Over the past week or so, I went over to Vancouver to have a Prophet story-powwow with Brandon Graham (to figure out the issues I'll be tackling for print next year) and figure out the cover for the first trade paperback. In doing so, it made me think back to the first issues of Prophet, drawn last summer...

The first three issues of prophet were a real blast to work on. It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make those first three issues last summer, spitballing the story with Brandon and seeing what we could build off of that initial premise (only with a lot more conan thrown in).
The actual making of the comics themselves, with the amazing help of Richard Ballermann, the colorist (and an AMAZING designer and illustrator outside of comics), was tough but good going.

Below I've included a handful of the initial sketches that survived from that summer of development.

When Brandon first approached me about working on the title, this was the first idea I sent back his way - John Prophet as a badass adventurer more in the vein of Carson of Venus or John Carpenter, a former marine or something of the sort.


These sketches were developed off of the sketches brandon sent in response - less vietnam vet and more space-ie. My main idea was to give him the kind of jumpsuit you'd see in the cockpit of a seventies sci-fi craft (like an x-wing, perhaps?) Also, by this time, the story for the first issue (or, the pile of ideas that became issue 21) was starting to crystalize a bit - thus the mold-people in the corner there.  


Here: The first "canon" drawing of John Prophet. It was a sort of 'proof-of-concept' piece which ended up being as a cover for the first issue when it was re-printed.
prophet pin-up 
Here: Drawing the various termite-like castes of the mold people. 

This fella is a weird alien design that I've chopped up and re-used a few times - the cuttlehead. There's a few lurking in the background of the alternate #21 cover I just showed.    

These are a couple of those critters, re-jigged derivations of the five-leg bauplan. One of which tries to eat Prophet in the first issue...

Here: In response to a sketch from brandon outlining the caravan, this is the design that would end up going to print. If you've read the issue, you'd know - it's a caravan powered on poop.  


Here: John Prophet's dolmantle acting as a breather system, as well as the Qid-pids (known as poop-shovelors all while the issue was being made) and the pilgrims of the caravan. 
caravan denizens

As an added bonus, Studygroup recently put up a story of mine from a couple years back, where a handful of the aliens that show up in Prophet made their first appearance (there are furry mold-men and cuttleheads, along with a Kzin or two hidden in there).

Take a look!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


A comic of mine from ancient times (I mean, from about two years ago) is awake and moving again over at STUDY GROUP! Take a read if you haven't already!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blood Group

Nine pages from a russo-cyberpunk story I was working on from two years ago. These pages came about as a school project, but the style and process of making them informed a lot of my stuff since. I'm currently working on a project (that I can't talk about) with a similar visual aesthetic, and since I can't show off any of it, I figured it was about time to let out the pages I'd been sitting on for the past two years.

(And, native Russian-speakers - forgive the errors!)
Blood Group 1 Blood Group 2 Blood Group 3 Blood Group 4 Blood Group 5 Blood Group 6 Blood Group 7 Blood Group 8 Blood Group 9

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jan's Severed Head

A bust of the main character from my comic "Jan's Atomic Heart". The drawing itself is from 2009, in a pencil rendering of the type I don't have the patience for anymore.

I've been a bit quiet here since my graduation last month, but soon I'll be putting more stuff up!

Friday, May 4, 2012

After the Oil-Sands

Well, after four long years in Calgary, it's time for me to bid the province adieu, at lease for a while.

But in the memory of all the great times me and Alberta had together, I put together this project - a series of illustrations exploring what the province might look like after the tar sands are all wrung out and the local government and economy collapse. I was greatly inspired by the early years of the post-soviet countries, where pre-existing criminal groups (some already in positions of power, some not) moved in to fill the void left by the collapsed governments, presiding over the new post-currency barter economies. With the overall long-running trend of rural flight continuing throughout the Great Plains (both in the US and Canada) and the ever-beckoning concept of turning the uninhabited expanses of the region into a "Buffalo Commons" (turning non-productive former farmland into native grassland complete with buffalo and wildlife) seeming more and more appealing, I'd like to think that the world I'm about to show you isn't that outlandish. 

In this scenario, we enter the scene right as a new "authority" - a nomadic criminal group, fresh from smuggling some goods and guns north through the newly-porous borderlands of the Buffalo Commons - arrive in Southern Alberta, ready to build an empire.  After all, there's a whole country of free-range ranchers and corrupt corporate farming operations that'll need "protection", and neither biker gangs nor the RCMP will cut it anymore.

Pictured: Two of the Brothers Shaw eliminate Hank Wright, a notorious One Percenter of the "Serpents" Motorcycle Club.  
After the Oil Sands - 1
 Pictured: The long arm of the law finds the Shaws at their camp.
After the Oil Sands - 2 

Pictured: But the Shaws are quick to slap it away. After the Oil Sands - 3

Pictured: The new Status Quo.  After the Oil Sands - 4

Of course, this isn't the first material I've produced on the subject of a lawless future west.
Enjoy some short comics HERE and some illustrations HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Crashlanders of Delta


Last year, I did a project set in a far-off human colony called "Delta". You can see all the illustrations HERE, but the basic premise is this:

Delta is a human research settlement on a low-gravity world, inhabited not only by human colonists, but two other non-human sentient species. The native species are the radially symmetrical giants - called the "Amphorans" or "squids" by the humans. A race of hunter-gatherers and foragers, the amphorans are largely indifferent to the new inhabitants of their world.

The last species living alongside the humans and the amphorans are the Crashlanders. Known among themselves as the "Kal-Tuhn", the crashlanders are refugees - survivors from the losing side of a massive civil war. Stranded in a sprawling settlement near Delta, the only way the crashlanders can survive is through the humans. Unlike the Amphorans, who can both metabolise the proteins of native wildlife and fully exploit them based on generations of knowledge, the crashlanders are tied to the simpler and more digestible foodstuffs of earth, giving them one option: to work for the humans for their 'bread and butter', so to speak. Acting as everything from pack animals to construction workers, the crashlanders find themselves subservient to representatives of this young, arrogant race. And it chafes them a bit.

The following are a set of characters - the proto-typical seeds of an all-ages sci-fi story set in this world.

The-Matriarch-and-the-Administrator The Crashlander Matriarch and the General Administrator The-Pilot The Pilot The-Old-Chief The Ancient Chief The-Kid
The Kid

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Prophet #28 Cover

Some of the process sketches for the cover of an upcoming issue of prophet - made in the image of the very first prophet issue circa 1993.
p28 first sketch p28 pencils p28 inks Prophet #28 Cover Prophet #1 Reference