Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blood Group

Nine pages from a russo-cyberpunk story I was working on from two years ago. These pages came about as a school project, but the style and process of making them informed a lot of my stuff since. I'm currently working on a project (that I can't talk about) with a similar visual aesthetic, and since I can't show off any of it, I figured it was about time to let out the pages I'd been sitting on for the past two years.

(And, native Russian-speakers - forgive the errors!)
Blood Group 1 Blood Group 2 Blood Group 3 Blood Group 4 Blood Group 5 Blood Group 6 Blood Group 7 Blood Group 8 Blood Group 9

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jan's Severed Head

A bust of the main character from my comic "Jan's Atomic Heart". The drawing itself is from 2009, in a pencil rendering of the type I don't have the patience for anymore.

I've been a bit quiet here since my graduation last month, but soon I'll be putting more stuff up!