Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Full February

Febraury is an exciting time for me - two different books on the shelf in the same month!
prophet 34

First, Prophet 34, written by me and Brandon Graham, drawn by myself, colored by the stellar Joseph Bergin III, and lettered by Ed Brisson, is out this month.
Second, the first part of a three-part story by Jason Wordie and myself will be coming out in Dark Horse Presents. The story is called "Under The Ice", and is about an ice-age shaman's journey under a vast glacier - and the spirit world beneath it - to save the soul of his father.
Both are out on the 20th - so go pick 'em up!


Unknown said...

What an awesome picture. Those dastardly humans! Never trust someone who rides a giant crab (and are those extra eyes down the crab's flank? Polymelia?)

And is the shaman in the story Tiger Lung?

Simon said...

Oh yes it is a tiger lung story!

Anonymous said...

Where can I get Under the Ice?

Simon said...

It'll be out at most comic stores in N America in the monthly issue of Dark Horse Presents

Alex said...

Yes I reserved 'Under the Ice' today, and I'm probably going to go pick it up as soon as the store opens! Tiger Lung is the best!!