Sunday, January 22, 2012

Z-Brushin' It

One of my new favourite playthings is Z-brush - a very intuitive 3d sculpting/modeling program. For my first two forays into the program, I decided to attempt at modeling some of the creatures I designed for Prophet. Above are models of the Mold People of the Jell city - termite-like aliens who live in a caste-based hive society and see via smell with their antenna. The following was a concept sketch to nail down the castes of their society.

The following is a work in progress of an alien from a project I was working on last year.
A little creature drawing:

Insectoid heavy infantry

And last, but not least, the cover for the next issue of prophet, drawn by myself and again colored by Jason Wordie!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

PROPHET 21!!!!

Oh lord, I am a neglectful blogger. But no longer! Yesterday, the first issue of the relaunched "Prophet" - and the first issue of my three-issue story arc - was released in North America! It's chock full of strange and interesting creatures engaged in all manners of circle-of-life-type activities (sex, murder, cannibalism) and features amazing colors by my friend Richard Ballermann. It was a blast to draw, and has been getting great reviews so far. Not only that, but it's sold out at the distributor level and MUST BE REPRINTED!

Prophet #25 Cover

Also, here's the cover for an upcoming issue, drawn and inkwashed by me and colored by my pal Jason Wordie.
Prophet #25 Cover bw
(plus the non-colored one)

More soon! I'll be a better bloggist!