Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A smokey summer roundup

I haven't been using this blog much this year (or at all, really), but I decided that it's time for my summer round-up of events and cool things!

Jess Pollard and I will be in Boise this upcoming weekend for the Boise Comics Art Festival! If you're in the region, come on out! (above - I also got to do the poster this year!)
If you're interested in a commission before the show, give me a holler at Simonamroy at gmail dot com - you can get something like this for $100 USD!

SECOND: I'm a part of a rather ambitious and fascinating kickstarter for a Bronze-age Fantasy RPG that's being masterminded by Joshua AC Newman! The kickstarter is winding down, so please jump onto it! 

I'm part of another awesome kickstarter being run by my wonderful compatriot Shannon Lentz - for the third issue of Cayrel's Ring! It's a multi-artist epic that features the work of tons of my pals - Farel Dalrymple, Alchemichael, and many more!
I have a webstore now - if you'd like to order books of any type, head on over and buy some!

AND LASTLY - I'm still putting new comics out every month over on the Patreon! (Two of which are now available as physical artifacts in the webstore, linked above!) Here's a few pages for reference!

Alright - enough grubbing for your money! Enjoy your day!