Monday, February 25, 2013

Prophet #34 Out Wednesday

This wednesday, I've got another issue of prophet out (written by/with Brandon Graham, colored by Joseph Bergin III and lettered by Ed Brisson). Pictured here: A newly awakened Siege-breaker clone gets picked up by an Earth Empire Womb Shuttle. 

You can read a preview here: [link]

And there's a page from the AWESOME back-up story within up here: [link]

ALSO: I forgot to hype it last week, but in the latest issue of Dark Horse Presents, the first section of the story Jason Wordie ([link]) and I wrote is present and waiting to be read! Pick up a copy and peruse!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hmm, once again we descend on a whole bunch of suspended animation tubes, but we don't find a whole bunch of unfrozen soldiers. Instead we just have one fat, gore-smeared soldier surrounded by a golgatha of macabre horror.