Thursday, May 23, 2019


I've been remiss with maintaining this blog, but fret not - I come with an update! 

I've recently finished a 24-page comic with my pal Damon Gentry called "BLACK SPOT". The blurb is thus:
"Co-created by Damon Gentry (of Sabertooth Swordsman and Vinegar Teeth fame), comes a Verhoeven-esque sci-fi action comedy!
When the eco-activists of H.E.L.P. capture a secret corporate research station in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, their goal is simple: protect the Jovian Biome from earthling exploitation. But it seems that the corporation - and the Jovian Biome - have plans of their own..."

Snag it up here:…

ALSO the sequel to this story is going to be coming out next month, serialized in three parts on the patreon:

More Updates Soon!!!

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