Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Media Roundup!!!!

FIRST - Ray Sullivan's adaptation of "Good Business", the short of mine that first came out in Heavy Metal Magazine, recently dropped - and it looks amazing! Ray and his team did a beyond-awesome job with it all.

SECOND, I did an interview with the awesome Aaron Williams for his "Comics Manifest" Podcast - which is a podcast i honestly wish had been around when i was getting my start in the comics game. He really pushes for positive and constructive thinking, and does one hell of a good interview!

THIRD: I've been posting a ton of art on Instagram, including some disturbing sexy video-game art, which can all be seen here:

FOURTH: My last convention of the year (as far as i know now) will be the Magnificent Boise Library Convention, at the end of August - where I'll be with Jess Pollard, Farel Dalrymple, and a ton of other fun folks! Hopefully I'll see you then!
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