Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, New Books!

SO! 2014 has begun, and already dark forces are in motion, gathering in the night... I've got two collections coming out this year, plus at least two comic series that i'll be involved with to varying extents...

BUT the first of these is "Jan's Atomic Heart and other stories" from Image Comics! In the words of my solicit blurb:

"From the mind of Simon Roy, co-writer and artist of the Eisner Award-nominated series PROPHET, comes a collection of tales that span time, space, and species."

This collects my original "Jan's Atomic Heart", along with six other short science fiction and fantasy stories that i wrote and drew all on my lonesome ("Shipwrecked with Dan the Gorilla", "Good Business, and more). Go down to your local shop and get 'em to order a million!
The preview order code is JAN140546, it comes out March 26th, and at fifteen bucks it's a steal.

To cap all of that off, here's a little step-by-step of my coloring process!

More announcements and drawings soon!

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