Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Prophet #32 Concept Drawings

Right after the new year, on Jan 2nd, my first solo work to be published since 2009 will be on the shelves - in the form of Prophet #32. The synopsis for the issue:

"John Ka, Earth Empire scout, has found little trace of mankind since her pod surfaced. However, when she finds a band of feral humans - and a Prophet clone who has gone native to protect them - she finds herself questioning what it means to be human."

Since the whole idea of Prophet - that of clones, bred from the same basic stock, but modified for specific missions - allows for a certain amount of flexibility in character design, I jumped right in. Here are my first tentative drawings of John Ka and the Feral Prophet.


The feral prophet.


John Ka, Earth Empire Scout, and various ideas for his/her "Brainfly". The first idea was that John Ka would have some sort of "Base" organism which would act as a relay between the flying "Brainflies" and John Ka's brain.

My close-to-final design for John Ka (with some cover sketches)

The instigator of the issue's plot: The Oonaka Meat Baron. In the first issue of Prophet, Prophet stumbles across an Oonaka Meat Farm, where the Oonaka have been breeding sub-sentient humans for meat. One of the concepts of this issue - What would the arrival of sentient humans (aka Prophet and friends) mean to alien businessmen who make their living off the flesh of the humans' sub-sentient relatives?
And some quick sketches for the mercenaries the Oonaka hire to hunt Prophets.

And last but not least, here's a chunk of the layouts from the issue - where most of the writing gets done!

ALSO: My co-conspirator and pen-pal Memo Koseman (AKA Nemo Ramjet) just released an amazing new book called "All Yesterdays" - go take a look!
It's been getting rave reviews since it's release a week or two ago, and it's already in the top 100 for UK Kindle sales!

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