Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A long-running love affair

Since finding out about the Liang Bua hominid way back in 2008 or so (when National Geographic put out their special on it), I've had a continual obsession with Homo Floresiensis - a tiny human who shared it's isolated island home with Komodo Dragons, dwarf stegodons, giant storks... an un-endingly bizarre and fascinating world! Like any good romance, my relationship with Flores Woman has it's moments of intense passion, but generally is a a slow burn of idle fascination.

This romance heated up recently for a school project, where I painted some pieces for a dummy magazine article. The opening spread: A band of Homo Floresiensis fend off a Giant Maribou Stork from their kill, a stegodon calf.
Flores Man

The inside spread is also an infographic, an attempt on my part to explore some of the fascinating anatomical weirdness of Homo Floresiensis.

If any of that tickled your fancy, I've included a link to a slideshow of all my homo floresiensis sketches and such from my photostream:

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