Thursday, January 19, 2012

PROPHET 21!!!!

Oh lord, I am a neglectful blogger. But no longer! Yesterday, the first issue of the relaunched "Prophet" - and the first issue of my three-issue story arc - was released in North America! It's chock full of strange and interesting creatures engaged in all manners of circle-of-life-type activities (sex, murder, cannibalism) and features amazing colors by my friend Richard Ballermann. It was a blast to draw, and has been getting great reviews so far. Not only that, but it's sold out at the distributor level and MUST BE REPRINTED!

Prophet #25 Cover

Also, here's the cover for an upcoming issue, drawn and inkwashed by me and colored by my pal Jason Wordie.
Prophet #25 Cover bw
(plus the non-colored one)

More soon! I'll be a better bloggist!


Michael Greene said...

Hey man, Terrific comic! I am an old school Prophet fan and I absolutely love the new take on it. Hope to see you back for more story arcs after the initial 3 issue run that you do! Thanks for being part of bringing back the Extreme universe of characters!

Martin said...

After a few years of following your blog, it's nice to see you getting the recognition you deserve. Prophet should be waiting at the store for me, although I never did get round to ordering Jan's Atomic Heart (whoops!). Are there any copies left for sale anywhere in the world?

Stephen Thompson said...
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Stephen Thompson said...

Prophet 21 was amazing, excellent job. I drew some Prophet fan art here.

Unknown said...

Shit! I saw Prophet on the shelf at Red Nails II but not being "aware" of the book and missing the fact that you drew it I regret not grabbing it this week!

Was there multiple covers for the book? I would have recognized your art style and grabbed it.

Ahh well I'll get them to order me a copy (hopefully pushing a second printing~)

Keep drawing and blogging!


@ctcher said...

This book was a blessing for my eyes! Thanks! Your style is exactly perfect.