Friday, October 14, 2011

What I was doing this summer

"Prophet" Cover by Marian Churchland

On "Prophet," you've got Brandon Graham writing and Simon Roy on art. What stood out for you in their pitch?

"I was a fan of Brandon Graham and his work on "King City," and his outline for "Prophet" was fantastic. "Prophet" from the outset will appear to be the biggest departure from the original look and feel of the "Prophet" that myself and Stephen Platt made popular, but it's no less amazing. The storytelling of Graham and Simon Roy is staggering. You can read the book without any word balloons and follow the story effortlessly. The look of the book is reminiscent of Moebius and Geoff Darrow -- it's a gorgeous, European-style graphic novel. Don't sleep on this book. In the original "Prophet" series, John Prophet was awakened from cryo-sleep in a sarcophagus and had to deal with the reality of a brave new world. This new series finds John Prophet awakened from cryo-sleep in a brave new world where he has to deal with a much harsher reality than anything he faced in the original series. "

- Rob Liefeld on the upcoming book that Brandon Graham, Richard Ballermann and myself have been working on this summer. And I can finally talk about it!


Martin Costello said...

Congratulations! I almost didn't belive it when I read it first on the comic news websites, glad to see it is. How did you get to work with Brandon Graham on this?

Daniel Heard said...

Well that certainly is an extreme departure. (see what I did there?)
You and Brandon Graham is very exciting. I'm in either way, but will Prophet at any point shoot a machine three times the size of his body with one hand?

Marcel said...

When I went to Canada in May Brandon had shown me some of your pre-production artwork for it, and it looked incredible! Seriously, I can't wait to read this book. Congratulations!

Four Color Promises said...

What got me interested in this was Brandon's name...but you're art is fantastic. Really pumped to pick this up in 2012.

Simon said...

Thanks guys!
Martin, I got to work with Brandon mainly because we've known each other as long-distance pals for a few years, and we share a lot of the same aesthetic ideas on how to approach sci-fi and adventure.
And daniel? Probably not. We're toning down the guns and upping the knives (ps - nice extreme reference...)

Daniel Heard said...

No ludicrously sized musheenguhns? THEN THIS ISN'T PROHPET!!!!

...but seriously this might've been the only way to have relaunched Prophet and have me actually eXcited to buy it. Can't wait to see that dystopian pre-production artwork.