Sunday, June 19, 2011

Military Robot

Another INCREDIBLE week at Drwnblog! Check out everyone else's wicked stuff HERE

ALSO! I had an awesome weekend at the Calgary Comic Expo - I got to meet a bunch of cool people, enjoy the company with the entire Acts of Violence Crew as well as Vic Malhotra, who recently collaborated with my friend Ed Brisson on a Murderbook story. I even got to see William Shatner hanging out with the mayor of calgary, Naheed Nenshi. Thanks to everyone who attended and made it such a great weekend!


Vic Malhotra said...

Simon this is dope! Thanks for the linking my blog. I read Jan's Atomic Heart... awesome awesome story.

Also I can't stop drawing weird loose sci-fi robots now. What the hell!


Simon said...

Vic, that is EXACTLY what I like to hear.

Dino said...

Great to meet you Simon. I'm looking forward to following along with your blog and your work.

Take care,