Friday, March 18, 2011

The Buffalo Commons


An illustration project meant to show to opposites - in this case, the ancient west of the buffalo versus the modern west of urban sprawl.

The idea with the half/partially rendered human artifacts is to show their transient nature in comparison to the hardiness of a balanced ecosystem - contrasting the imagery of the american dream (the domestic suburbs) with the symbol of the traditional and perhaps future west (the bison). The article/idea that this would be matched with would be that of the buffalo commons, a proposal to convert much of the slowly emptying great plains states into a big national park.

More reading on the matter can be found here:


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Unknown said...

I love the color picture.
And pleasantly optimistic. But I tend to agree that the sprawl will contract. It was the product of a particular economic environment, and it seems people are getting tired of the old American Dream. See (
Or it may just be that generation Y has gotten old enough to move out of their parents' homes, cities are better places to find jobs, and gas is expensive (does culture drive the economy, or the other way around?) :)Maybe in 20 years all of us Young Urban Professionals will find ourselves pining for a little house on the prairie, and get a bank loan to buy a lovely little house in a gated community in Utah...:)