Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

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Here's my 'Bar Fight' story, hosted here on my own website. Merry Christmas!


Martin T said...

Merry Christmas Simon, if it's not too late to say that. Thanks for all the comics and whatnot on your site this year.

Simon said...

Thanks, Martin - and merry christmas to you too!

Daniel Heard said...

Briliant work. I am in love with casual progression of animosity and the density of sci-fi ideas presented casually in conversation. Oh and the drawing is above reproach. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have just visited your blog for very first time. Sorry for my poor English
I love your technical and designs, great art indeed.

Funny story. As Spaniard I was amused by Jorge. Congratulations, I use to read very bad Spanish lines by English Speakers comic artists. I just don´t understand one sentence

“¡Aspirar en esto!” What do you want to express?.


Simon said...

Thanks, Juan - I think I was trying to say 'suck on this' or something like that - I just did a bad job of translating it!

Anonymous said...

Ok. I supposed. Don’t worry; the rest of Spanish dialogue is right. In fact I surprised you used punctuation marks to begin interrogative and exclamatory sentences. Most of English Speakers forget it.

I think you can use “que te jodan” “jódete” (very rude) “que te den” “toma esto” (more well-mannered) “chúpate ésta” (a little old-fashioned)