Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Comix and Stories! British Dinosaurs!

Hey everyone! Two cool things on the horizon!

FIRST! If you're on the west coast of Canada and near Vancouver for the 23rd of August, PLEASE stop by Heritage Hall for "Comix and Stories"! It'll be good, I think - everyone from Kate Beaton to Brandon Graham will be hangin' out there!


shaman ritual fire

Remember that collaboration I've been talking shit about? No?
Well, the fruits of this collaboration (paintings being made by myself and Nemo Ramjet) will be on display at the University of Surrey as part of the British Science Festival! THAT'S RIGHT!
Here's the blurb from the program:
What if dinosaurs hadn't died out but evolved into an intelligent species? Artists C. M. Koseman & Simon Roy imagine how such creatures and their worlds might have looked. This startling and playful exhibition and children’s workshop makes us question our unspoken assumptions underlying previous images of dinosaurs and our own notions of what it means to be human.
Pretty cool, eh? (It'll be open from the beginning of the festival until the tenth of september). So if you're in the UK or in Vancouver at all over the next little while, either come get a book signed or go admire some feathery dinosaurs.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it's Chimpeetah from DA ! Wow this seems truly amazing, but it's a shame how I can't see any of it :( You should really bring the exhibition to New York City, or post the exhibition pictures on the internet...either way I congradulate both you and C.M. Koseman.