Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Jan's Atomic Heart" Review at Eyeoncomics!

The awesome Don MacPherson, resident critic at eyeoncomics.com, did an in-depth and very favourable review for JAH - 10/10!

Here's an excerpt:
Simon Roy brings a Euro-comics look to bear on this project, which makes sense given that it’s set in Frankfurt. His style here is easily comparable to that of Guy (B.P.R.D.) Davis, and the gruff, grizzled look of some of the characters also reminded me of similar characters in Paul Grist’s Kane and Jack Staff. The story presents a visual challenge in that the robotic facade of the main character isn’t the most emotive of visages, but Roy demonstrates his skills by conveying the appropriate feelings through the character’s body language. There’s a nice variety in his repertoire of storytelling techniques. He offers some convincing cityscapes and backgrounds, but there are other times when he isolates the characters in fields of white to emphasize a moment or to enhance a particular mood.

I'm feeling understandably good about this...

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