Friday, November 21, 2008

Wishing You a Blessed Christmas...

I found this card looking for supplies for a sculpture project, and ended up finding PURE MAGIC!
Made by a company called "One Heart" and printed in china, this is a 3D card you will be amazed by.
First: "Wishing you a blessed Christmas." Look at the picture. What the fuck is going on in there?
Okay, The virgin mother and christ, some angels, and some people. Wait, though - who are those people down there? Just ordinary people? The tip off is this poor fucker right here:
That's RIGHT! Brian is feeling really down... because him and his friends are SINNERS BURNING IN HELL! Or they could be repentant sinners being taken up during the rapture as the world burns.  But those rocks look pretty hot and hellish. (I think it's hell).
And here's the final, beautiful touch: "Hope your holidays are packed with all the good times you can handle." Here's where I got suspicious. Either this card was made by the most clueless maniacs - or comic geniuses. I applaud you, One world. 

I applaud you.

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