Monday, July 27, 2015


Recently I've been doing some drawings for my homey Daniel Bensen's latest story, 'PETROLEA!'

"Victor Toledo went to Titan for its oil reserves. Doctor Feroza Merchant has made it her mission to stop him. The wild robots of the petroleum jungle want to strip the flesh from their bones.
Cut off from help, the programmer and the biologist must cooperate not only to survive, but to understand the hostile wilderness. Where did these self-replicating robots come from? Who created their ancestors, and why? This oil ecosystem, this Petrolea, could open space to humanity, or it could destroy our civilization.
PETROLEA is a novel about conservation and love in a nest of robot dragons."
You can read more about (and of) the story here!

Below, some of my rough ideas of what the 'dragons' - airborne apex predators of the mechanical ecosystem on Titan - could look like.

This story - and more art for it - is looking for a home, too!

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