Tuesday, October 11, 2022



It's been about a year since I last updated this blog, but things have been moving and shaking - so much so, in fact, that a new book has emerged on kickstarter, and it's going gangbusters! This book is the culmination of years of patreon comics, and to celebrate its completion, I even commissioned an animated trailer!

Griz Grobus tells two parallel, intertwined tales from the far-off colony world of Altamira. There, high in a sleepy mountain village, the overzealous academic ambitions of a young scribe lead to the resurrection of the town’s ancient colonial-era priest-bot. This long-defunct pastor finds himself in a world that has passed him by, but refuses to simply accept his obsolescence, much to the chagrin of the scribe and the local townsfolk. The second story is Altamira’s most famous novel (being avidly read by the characters of the first story), a fantasy tale about a war-god who gets trapped in the body of a goose, and the efforts of one pacifist cook to delay the war-god’s bloody return to the battlefield. 

Set in the same sci-fi universe as HABITAT (Image Comics, 2016), Griz Grobus is another tale of life after the collapse of interstellar empire. But unlike Habitat, where a once utopian orbital habitat found itself descending into cannibal tyranny, the characters of Griz Grobus are on the rural world of Altamira, where post-utopian frontier life has blossomed into something a bit more wholesome.

There are a whole host of options available for pledges - the hardcover book itself, a 3d-printed resin miniature, a whole HOST of my own books - take a look at the link here!


As we rocket into the final 60+ hours of funding, I wanted to show off some more of our stuff - 

FIRST - We smashed all our initial funding goals, including, most importantly, printing a copy of a wonderful story adapted by the great Linnea Sterte, called "The Envoy and the Warrior"

Secondly - if we reach $60,000, I'll be printing up a new zine/illustrated guidebook called "THINKING MACHINES OF THE APOSTOLIC CONGRESS", containing all the robotic clergy from the Griz Grobus/Habitat universe so far...

I hope you can join us! 



Saturday, September 18, 2021

After Years of Gathering Dust... A NEW COMIC EMERGES (on Kickstarter)

    As usual, this space has laid fallow - but perhaps as such, it has become more fecund! For LO - a kickstarter, for the book I've been serializing on my Patreon (co-written and drawn by my friend Damon Gentry) has sprung forth from the damp neglected soil of the internet! From our descriptor of the book:

The first story of this book, BLACK SPOT (preview the whole chapter here), was written in the long-ago year of 2015 by Simon and Damon. BLACK SPOT told of an eco-terrorist attack, spiraling out of control on an experimental corporate bio-fuel facility floating in Jupiter's Upper atmosphere. But in writing BLACK SPOT together, Simon and Damon found a tone they were keen to revisit. Pulpy sci-fi adventure, escalating unintended consequences leading to catastrophe, wry satire and pure dumbass goofery all come together to make 175 pages of adult-oriented comics entertainment. Originally serialized from 2019 onwards on Simon’s Patreon, GRIP OF THE KOMBINAT is equal parts Coen Brothers, Paul Verhoeven, and idiotic humor. The seven tales span myriad sub-genres - we’ve got a heist story, a legal drama, a tale of stockholm syndrome, espionage, romance, and most of all, a consistent theme of the desperate quest for approval from disinterested authority figures!


Thursday, May 23, 2019


I've been remiss with maintaining this blog, but fret not - I come with an update! 

I've recently finished a 24-page comic with my pal Damon Gentry called "BLACK SPOT". The blurb is thus:
"Co-created by Damon Gentry (of Sabertooth Swordsman and Vinegar Teeth fame), comes a Verhoeven-esque sci-fi action comedy!
When the eco-activists of H.E.L.P. capture a secret corporate research station in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter, their goal is simple: protect the Jovian Biome from earthling exploitation. But it seems that the corporation - and the Jovian Biome - have plans of their own..."

Snag it up here: simonroycomics.bigcartel.com/p…

ALSO the sequel to this story is going to be coming out next month, serialized in three parts on the patreon: www.patreon.com/simonroy

More Updates Soon!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

A smokey summer roundup

I haven't been using this blog much this year (or at all, really), but I decided that it's time for my summer round-up of events and cool things!

Jess Pollard and I will be in Boise this upcoming weekend for the Boise Comics Art Festival! If you're in the region, come on out! (above - I also got to do the poster this year!)
If you're interested in a commission before the show, give me a holler at Simonamroy at gmail dot com - you can get something like this for $100 USD!

SECOND: I'm a part of a rather ambitious and fascinating kickstarter for a Bronze-age Fantasy RPG that's being masterminded by Joshua AC Newman! The kickstarter is winding down, so please jump onto it! 

I'm part of another awesome kickstarter being run by my wonderful compatriot Shannon Lentz - for the third issue of Cayrel's Ring! It's a multi-artist epic that features the work of tons of my pals - Farel Dalrymple, Alchemichael, and many more!
I have a webstore now - if you'd like to order books of any type, head on over and buy some!

AND LASTLY - I'm still putting new comics out every month over on the Patreon! (Two of which are now available as physical artifacts in the webstore, linked above!) Here's a few pages for reference!

Alright - enough grubbing for your money! Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 4, 2017


This past week, I kicked off a Patreon devoted to comics! The sales pitch is thus: 

"Every month, you'll get five to ten pages of comics: usually one-off stories, but I aim to work up to longer, continuing tales as well. All of the content here will begin as Patreon-exclusive, but eventually migrate onto the printed page as well. 

For the higher tier, I'll share more developmental work from previous projects, as well as the ghosts of some of my most beloved but long since deceased ones. Everything from scripts, layouts, and sketches, all the way up to entire comic pages! "

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Shipwrecked with Dan the Gorilla

I've decided to start putting some of my old comics up here for your reading pleasure! Below is "Shipwrecked with Dan the Gorilla", a story I did back in 2009 at a 24-hour comic book day event at my art school. This is that same story, re-drawn in 2010 all nice and pretty!

This story is also in print in "Jan's Atomic Heart and Other Stories", available out in the real world!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Media Roundup!!!!

FIRST - Ray Sullivan's adaptation of "Good Business", the short of mine that first came out in Heavy Metal Magazine, recently dropped - and it looks amazing! Ray and his team did a beyond-awesome job with it all.

SECOND, I did an interview with the awesome Aaron Williams for his "Comics Manifest" Podcast - which is a podcast i honestly wish had been around when i was getting my start in the comics game. He really pushes for positive and constructive thinking, and does one hell of a good interview!

THIRD: I've been posting a ton of art on Instagram, including some disturbing sexy video-game art, which can all be seen here: https://www.instagram.com/simonamroy/

FOURTH: My last convention of the year (as far as i know now) will be the Magnificent Boise Library Convention, at the end of August - where I'll be with Jess Pollard, Farel Dalrymple, and a ton of other fun folks! Hopefully I'll see you then!
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Star Trek Waypoint #5

A couple of pages from a story called “Come Away, Child” I have in this month’s issue of Star Trek: Waypoint - all about two scientists having a classic prime directive dilemma! 
I grew up as a Star Wars fanatic, which for kids is much more immersive and compelling then the awkward forehead-makeup universe of Trek. But once I found myself in adulthood, Star Trek rang much truer then SW’s hollow merchandise-driven adventures. Though Trek has it’s own trashy baggage (and shitty new movies), I find it full of profundity and inspiration.
Getting the chance to dip my own toes into it was an honor, and extremely fun to boot! 
The issue comes out on May 24th - Info here:  http://www.idwpublishing.com/product/star-trek-waypoint-5/